Cat Fight

Dear Viewers,

Last night felt a bit like "herding cats." I had so many topics to talk about, and so many guests — and guests with great passion. When guests have great passion, they often "take a few shots" at each other and then I feel obliged to make sure the one who was "shot at" gets to respond. That seems fair. 

I often receive e-mail from viewers when guests get aggressive towards each other but our guests have "thick skin" and they are lawyers — so they are used to the heat of battle. I admit I don't like it when guests get personal with each other but in the end I make sure no one is "wounded."

Last night there were so many shots fired between Gloria Allred (searchand Jayne Weintraub that I felt like I was doing "damage control" for an hour — making sure both had equal time to respond to the other. In going through the viewer e-mails last night, it is obvious to me that these two women have their fans and their detractors — no one seems to be indifferent to either.

After the show last night, and since I had no guest in Washington with me last night, I did the viewer e-mail - alone. It felt odd — like I was talking to myself. We have video streamed the answers to the e-mail to this website.

Tonight I will be in New York City doing our show. As you know, N.Y.C. is our Fox News Channel (search) headquarters. There is no particular reason to be in NYC tonight other than I am getting ready for the week I will be there covering the Republican Convention.

I have not gotten the official word, but my guess is that our show will do like we did for the Democratic Convention in Boston — we will do the two hour post convention wrap up each night: 11pm to 1am.

Here is a recurring topic in an e-mail I received from viewers:
I was very disappointed in you and your guests, asking Gloria if Amber will be writing a book or getting movie contracts.
YOU WERE PLAYING RIGHT INTO GERAGO'S HANDS!!!!!!! If Gloria answered yes, He would have been all over Amber tomorrow!
You and that blonde defense lawyer should certainly know better.

ANSWER: Asking about financial gain — or expectation of it - is "Trial 101." It is directed at the question as to whether the witness has or might have a reason (bias) to color his or her testimony, or in some instances, make it up. I assure you this is NOT a "tip" to Mark Geragos — he knows to ask this and so does every other lawyer trying cases. This is extremely basic in a trial. Likewise, if the defense puts on witnesses, the DA knows to ask this. Moreover, the Rules of Evidence permit it.


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