The Case for War

A trio of items has caught my attention:

First is a news item that Saddam Hussein evidently was smuggling truckloads of something across the border into Syria (search) in the days before the war.

Second, Monday night I hosted “The O'Reilly Factor” and we replayed Bill's interview with Micheal Moore, whose only comeback to getting called on the purposeful misstatements in his movie is to ask, “Would you send your kid to secure Fallujah? What do you say to the families of the 900 Americans killed in Iraq?”

Third, Tom Harkin (search) calling Dick Cheney cowardly because Cheney dared jump on John Kerry's call for a “sensitive” War on Terror. Cheney didn't serve in Vietnam, so in Harkin's book that makes him a coward.

It all makes me want to say again: The war in Iraq demonstrably made America safer.

Saddam Hussein was demonstrably an enemy of the United States whose agents were in league with Al Qaeda (search). If you don't believe that, please explain why an intelligence agent of Saddam’s met two Sept. 11 hijackers at the airport in Kuala Lumpur and took them to a secret Sept. 11 planning meeting?

If you call that a coincidence, I bet you have bought a bridge at sometime in your life.

Micheal Moore's question to Bill was a phony cheap shot. Would you send your kids to get killed in Iraq? No, but I'd send our professional military to kill our enemies where they live instead of sending our cops on the streets to kill them here.

What part of “They're trying to kill us” is so hard to understand? Why would you want to give Saddam Hussein a pass? Why let him run secret training camps and terrorist weapons labs without threat of invasion?

Mr. Moore, look again at the tape of 200 people jumping to their deaths out of the World Trade Center to escape the flames and then tell me again you would sit back and keep members of our Armed Services safe while terrorists plan another attack?

And as for Harkin calling Cheney a coward... nice one. The vice president says we'll fight back and you call him a coward? Brilliant.

That's My Word.

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