Bringing Steve-O to the States

Ever since the soldiers of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment returned home to Fort Carson (search) from their first tour in Iraq in May they've been working hard to bring back one of their comrades left behind — an Iraqi boy nicknamed "Steve-O."

When Steve-O met the soldiers in December 2003 he offered them intelligence that helped them get enemy fighters — including his own father — off the street. But the teen’s decision to turn in his father and cooperate with Americans cost him dearly — his mother was killed later as payback.

The U.S. soldiers were now all Steve-O had, and they vowed to bring him to safety in America, but their deployment was coming to an end.

Once back in Colorado the soldiers contacted the boy’s uncle asking him to sign paperwork allowing Steve-O to travel to America, but that is just one step in an arduous process that isn't over yet.

Pentagon (search) officials say they are “working with all the appropriate agencies to bring [Steve-O] here as soon as possible for medical assessment and treatment.”

In a few weeks Steve-O will be brought to America to treat an eye injury. The soldiers at Fort Carson have great hopes for his future, that he’ll be out of harms way and receive an education.

The soldiers have already set up a fund to help Steve-O begin a new life in America:

JH Iraqi Youth Trust
6660 Delmonico Drive
Suite D
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

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