Oil Tanker Truck Crash Kills 17

An oil tanker truck (search) went out of control and plowed into a bustling Nigerian market, killing 17 and leaving dozens injured, police said Monday.

"People were busy buying and selling when the trailer lost control and crashed into seven vehicles loaded with people," said Labaran Umaru, who saw the accident at Katchaco market in Nigeria's main northern city, Kano (search) late Sunday.

Seventeen people died and 36 suffered injuries in the crash, which is under investigation. The oil-rig driver has been arrested, police said.

On Monday, victims' relatives gathered at the market after state radio broadcast details of the crash.

"I'm yet to find my husband," said Aisha Mohammed, 26. "He left home for this market yesterday and he has not yet returned."

Highway crashes are frequent in Africa's most populous country of more than 126 million people. Police cite reckless driving as a major cause, while trucking and bus companies blame the dilapidated state of the country's roads.