Our poor viewers must have had to strap on a seatbelt Monday morning. With Brian, Mike and me hosting, it must seem like you're getting your news from a verbal speedboat! Who talks faster? Now that's a tough one.

But there's certainly a lot to cram into three hours:

The cleanup from Hurricane Charley (search). Our hearts go out to the people hit and for the thousands who are streaming into Florida to help out.

There's also the situation in Najaf... and the historic Iraqi National Council meeting in Baghdad, where delegates exercised their first taste of democracy, demanding action and offering ideas to stop the fighting.

Behind the scenes it was controlled chaos as usual. At 7 a.m., Mike and Brian come rushing back into the studio seconds before the show — they spend quite a bit of time primping in the makeup room, I'll have you know. On the set, there are papers everywhere. Brian keeps a file folder of all the stories we are discussing. The problem is, it's either:

a) Lost
b) Buried under a pile of papers
c) Empty (the papers instead strewn under the desk)

Mike — the most organized of the bunch — writes everything down on a yellow legal pad with his notes written in huge black Sharpie marker. It's not legible to anyone but him. I think he likes it that way so we can't peek at any of his thoughts or steal his facts before air!

I am no neat-nik myself. While I try to keep my papers and guest cards in order, they are inevitably lost in the shuffle — under the make-up bag or stuck under the 20 cups of half-drank coffee under the desk.

Monday, Brian played peacemaker. Mike made fun of both my orange shirt — “Halloween already?” he asks — and my hairdo. He's partial to blondes — go figure, look at his hair. But I deserved it for making fun of his checkered shirt — Mom's tablecloth — and his hair... which really is its own entity.

As Mike was trying to strangle me, Brian made us switch chairs. But it was all forgotten once Peter Frampton walked in to perform his classics. We loved getting a front row seat to a very wonderful performance.

After the show... our crewmembers came over with enormous trashcans and recycle bins to try to clear a path to the bottom of the desk.

Well, we have all now gone our separate ways. Brian headed out for a jog with his "close n' play" phonograph. He was carrying 4 LPs last time I saw him. Mike is off to practice his new songs using the "Framptone." And I am off to yoga. Hey, even Peter Frampton does it.

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