Porter Picked: Perfect or Political?

Democrats were generally cautious but negative Tuesday in their reactions to President Bush's nomination of Rep. Porter Goss (search), R-Fla., to head the CIA.

The position of CIA director has traditionally been non-partisan, and the nomination of Goss, a moderate Republican, has caused concern among some Democrats. Goss, chairman of the House Select Committee on Intelligence (search), opposed the establishment of the Sept. 11 commission, and some Democrats say they are concerned that as head of the CIA, he will resist reforms called for by the panel.

"The selection of a politician — any politician, from either party — is a mistake," said ranking member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Sen. Jay Rockefeller (search), D-W.Va.

"Having independent, objective intelligence going to the president and the Congress is fundamental to America's national security. The Intelligence Committee's findings in our investigation of prewar intelligence made that abundantly clear," Rockefeller continued.

Porter picked: perfect or political?

A sample of your responses:

Of course Porter Goss was a political appointment.  Bush has a problem: He blamed the Iraq war on poor intelligence, now he has angry intelligence community.  His administration is the one who twisted that data.  He's publicizing these latest terror "triumphs" as a way to placate the intelligence "grunts" with "oh what a wonderful job you are doing."  Much hype about a little of nothing.  Bush blames all his failings on others. Now, Tommy Franks is to blame for "Mission Accomplished."   He thinks the American people are as dumb as he is and unfortunately many are.    
Savannah, GA

Porter is the perfect pick to protect the U.S. from future terrorist attacks.  His practical intelligence experience and excellent Yale education make him a quick confirmation at a time when the country needs his talents. 
Linda S.
Honey Creek, IA

While Porter Goss has the background to be perfect for the position, politically it is perfect for Pres. Bush. His name was originally brought up by Democrats in July, he is endorsed by many Democrats and if Democrats put up any fight in confirmation hearing, they are the ones that would turn it into a political victory for President Bush.
Tony M.
Winter Haven, FL

Porter Goss is obviously a very good choice -- even though they can make something out of anything, the appointment takes an issue away from Democrats and makes them look like the spoilers to "moderates,” "centrists" or what ever you want to call them.
Dean M.
Rochester NY

You can't cease administration of the government just because we are in an election season or because the incumbent might not get re-elected. The terrorists don’t pause or take this period off.
Clifton D.
Front Royal, VA.

It is a perfect selection.  He is very well qualified. The ones who are always complaining and criticizing apparently do not see the true serious nature of the times in which we live.  They should look at what is best for the country and forget about their own agendas and egos.
Caron W.
Bedford, TX

It is perfect. If you knew Porter as Floridians knew him, you would know it is perfect. 
Debbie H.
Tampa, FL

I believe the president’s choice is perfect-but look at the desperate liberals.  They'd cry politics in the Presidents choice of deodorant if that choice were to be revealed to the public.                                
Pam D.
Mishawaka, IN

It's inherently political because it's the president's choice.  It's also going to be a major hindrance (I would hope) to an insidious influence of political correctness and that will also make it a political issue. The president's choice is both perfect and political. Mr. Porter could eventually find himself to be in line to be at the top of the chain of command.
Rob S.
Shelby Twp., MI

Porter Goss is most definitely a political choice. He is a multimillionaire who lives in a very exclusive island community. His nomination continues the trend that government is inaccessible to the average American. Adding another high-level appointment of a career politician (after his first career in the CIA.) and a very wealthy man is limiting the engagement and activism of others. Make no mistake, Mr. Goss is a Republican who tows the party line.
Tampa Bay, FL

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