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After last night's show, we all raced to the airport for the "red eye" back to the East Coast. While everyone on the staff is delighted to get home, it is important to go "on the road" and see first hand many of the stories we discuss. There is nothing like actually watching and listening yourself. It enables us to better do our job.

What surprised me most about the testimony of Amber Frey — which is not yet complete — is that there were two very different views of it from those sitting in the courtroom. It makes me wonder if likewise the jurors have two very different views. If they do, that could mean a hung jury at the end of the road.

Of course, the verdict will depend on ALL the evidence from both sides.

Some people I spoke to in the courtroom were absolutely convinced Amber's testimony was the "nail in the coffin" to prove Scott's guilt. Others were absolutely convinced that her testimony proved nothing about murder — only that Scott cheated on his wife and the defense does not contest this and he is not charged with adultery.

It is curious how people hearing the same testimony could have such strong — and different — views of one witness' testimony.

One print journalist came up to me at the end of the day on Thursday and asked me what the jury thought of Amber's testimony. I said, "how would I know? I have not spoken to them."

I listen to many people tell me what the jury thinks and I just shake my head. There is NO way anyone knows what the jurors think other than the jurors. It is voodoo to think we can determine what they are thinking. We can observe facial expressions of the jurors but even that is not telling since facial expressions have broad interpretations and meanings.

There is so much riding on this case for both families. Laci's family is convinced of guilt and wants justice for Laci. Scott's parents are convinced he is innocent and don't want their son put to death. When I sit in the courtroom and look at both families I imagine earlier times when the two families were friends and looking forward to the birth of Connor.

Outside the courtroom you feel "business." The media has a job to do and has cameras set up all over to capture the families entering and leaving, and any statements made by the lawyers or the members of the families. Many think the media is a circus or uncaring since the presence is so large — but the truth is that each member of the media is there doing a job.


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