Intoxicated Driver Crashes Into Liquor Store

A Wichita Falls, Texas, liquor store suddenly gained a drive-through window — thanks to an apparently intoxicated driver who crashed into the building.

At around 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning, a Ford Explorer (search) veered off Kemp Boulevard, knocked over a lamppost, plowed through the wall of Mike's Cut Rate Liquor and ended up in the wine racks, reports the Wichita Falls Times Record News.

Police quickly responded to the burglar alarm going off, and arrested Glenda Stewart, 39, for driving while intoxicated and two charges related to possession of methamphetamine (search) and prescription drugs.

Walker posted bail of $6,750 later in the day, according to a police spokeswoman, who added that officers had detected no booze on Walker's breath.

Customers had no choice but to smell alcohol when the store opened a few hours after the crash. Broken glass was everywhere, wine stained the carpet and some bottles had landed intact in racks across the floor.

Store officials joked about the sunlight streaming in through the wall.

Manager Skip Ward said he'd rushed to the scene as soon as he got a call from Cindy Elmore, who owns the store with her husband Mike — "She says, 'We have a drive-thru window now.'"

"We can change our deal now — open 24 hours," Ward added. "Oh, we're open. We're literally open."

The hole was patched over with temporary materials by the end of the day.

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Justice Is Blind Drunk

HONG KONG (AP) — A visibly drunk prosecutor who was giggling uncontrollably prompted a halt in a sentencing hearing and later posed for journalists outside the courthouse as Auguste Rodin's (search) sculpture "The Thinker," newspapers reported Tuesday.

A judge was forced to call a two-minute recess after Roderick Murray, a government prosecutor, put on sunglasses, giggled, clapped his hands and drummed his fingers on the desk during the session at Hong Kong's District Court on Monday, the South China Morning Post and the tabloid The Standard reported.

Judge Chua Fi-lan then sought help from a defense lawyer to "assist" Murray in controlling himself, The Standard said.

Murray, who witnesses said smelled strongly of alcohol as he staggered into court, later admitted to reporters that he had consumed two dry martinis and a number of beers before attending the hearing, the Post said.

He then posed outside the courthouse for journalists in imitation of French sculptor Rodin's masterpiece, the newspaper reported.

Judiciary spokeswoman Jamie Or said she had no information about what happened inside the District Court on Monday but she gave The Associated Press a terse response from Chua, who said: "It is correct that Mr. Roderick Murray's [behavior] inside and outside court was bizarre. I [will] deal with the issue in the fullness of time."

Murray, who trained as an attorney at the University of Southampton in Britain, did not immediately return a call from AP seeking comment.

Drunk Driver Turns Self In

VERNON, Vt. (AP) — It's not often that police get pulled over by a drunk driver.

It happened recently to Police Chief Ian McCollin, who was in his car when he spotted a driver looking befuddled at an intersection.

Thinking the man might be lost, McCollin stopped on the side of the road. The man pulled alongside of him, rolled down his window and announced he was looking for an officer to arrest him because he was drunk.

McCollin was so startled he called for backup.

"I was just a little nervous about it," he said. "It just wasn't natural."

The man, Bryan S. Condo, 28, showed a non-driver's I.D., and said his license had been criminally suspended. He said he already has been arrested once for driving drunk.

In a preliminary breath test, Condo registered more than four times the 0.08 legal limit, McCollin said.

McCollin said Condo wasn't combative, as is typical in such cases.

"He was a gentleman, very polite and very cooperative," he said. "I think he was looking for or needs help."

Condo was cited for second-offense DUI and driving with a suspended license.

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City Government Meanies Shut Down Lemonade Stand

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The St. Louis health commissioner has apologized for the temporary shutdown of a children's lemonade stand.

A neighbor who was unhappy about the little business blocking her walkway called in the authorities. The young entrepreneurs — two seventh-grade girls — were told they needed permits and were forced to close their business.

As it turned out, lemonade stands are exempt from such bureaucratic requirements.

Mim Murray, who is ten years old, and her 12-year-old partner Marisa Miller-Stockie reopened yesterday.

The lemonade stand business is booming.

Naked Croquet All the Rage in Oregon

ASHLAND, Ore. (AP) — You might not expect a lot of excitement in a game of croquet — unless it's played in the buff.

Some protesters in Ashland, Ore., gave a new wrinkle to the civilized sport, by playing croquet in the nude — on the lawn of the municipal building. They were demonstrating against a recently passed anti-nudity ordinance.

But City Council members weren't swayed by the naked players with mallets. They're not making any changes to the law.

No arrests were made. But the sight of the naked croquet players apparently caused a fender-bender.

Next Up: World's Longest Bike-Machine Ride

PARIS (AP) — On a joint mission to set a record and also inspire world peace, Sri Lankan Suresh Joachim (search) extended his passion for offbeat challenges by running on a treadmill almost nonstop for a week.

He completed the record bid Saturday at a Paris gym, logging 346.75 miles over 168 hours and outdoing the existing best for the greatest distance covered on a treadmill in one week.

"My legs are in a lot of pain and I'm feeling sleepy," said Joachim, who already holds five world records. He said he took 20-minute breaks about every eight hours and had his first nap after the second day.

Rules state that any number of breaks can be taken, but the clock never stops, according to the London-based Guinness World Records. The current best was set last year by Australian David Taylor, who covered 282.61 miles in the same time span.

Officials must confirm Joachim's feat before pronouncing him the new record holder.

During the run, Joachim said gym members offered massages and danced to entertain him, and he collected about 200 signatures for a world peace petition intended for the United Nations.

"Everyone's thinking about war and occupying countries. There's a lot of problems," Joachim said.

Joachim's other feats include standing on one foot for 76 hours and 40 minutes, and carrying a brick for 78.54 miles. He also holds the record for running up and down an escalator for a combined total of 139.77 miles.

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