Round the Clock

Dear Viewers,

This is the third day of Amber Frey's (searchtestimony in the Scott Peterson trial and I am told that an important tape will be played for the jury today. I have no idea what it is or what it means — other than that the defense is anxious for the jury to hear it.

I wonder whether the DA has the same enthusiasm for the tape. Often both sides think a particular tape is good for their case. They both have a different view of the same evidence. Of course what matters in the end is the jury's view of the evidence.

I wish there were cameras in the courtroom since I think it is better if you hear the testimony directly rather than via us. Last night I "felt" — not sure you did — that my panel was on edge. I think we are all a bit sleep deprived and you might see it in our demeanor.

When you cover a trial, or are in trial, it is a round the clock matter. We work before the trial begins, we sit through an entire day of trial, we prepare for the show and then do the show.

I know that Gloria Allred is also doing "morning shows" which means she is up at 3a.m. (I am not that ambitious. I don't get up that early!)

You will note from the blog pics that there are injuries — KOVR's Gloria Gomez, who has appeared on our show, fell yesterday. She showed up in court on crutches yesterday and said last night that not only did her foot hurt but now her armpits hurt from the crutches.

Tonight it is the red eye back to the East Coast for all of us from "On The Record" who traveled here for the show. There is no court tomorrow and I am taking the day off (to sleep!)

My colleague Claudia Cowan hopped a red eye last night for N.Y.C., since she will be guest hosting tomorrow night for us from N.Y.C.

I have loved these 3-day weekends all summer but that soon ends. People have asked me why I take my vacation this way and I just think it is more relaxing than a straight week off.


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