Indiana Rep. Pleads Guilty to Carrying Gun

An Indiana congressman who brought a loaded gun to Louisville International Airport (searchpleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge and agreed to give up the weapon.

Rep. John Hostettler, (searchwho did not appear in court, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of carrying a concealed deadly weapon and agreed to a 60-day sentence that would be suspended for two years, said Bill Patteson, a spokesman for the Jefferson County Attorney's office. Hostettler would not have to serve the sentence if he meets the terms of the plea agreement, Patteson said.

Among those terms was Hostettler's agreement to surrender the pistol that was found in his luggage on April 20, Patteson said.

Also for the two-year period, Hostettler would be allowed to purchase handguns only in Indiana or Washington, D.C., his two places of residence. Patteson said Hostettler's permit to carry a concealed weapon would not be recognized in Kentucky during that time.

Hostettler, who represents the 8th District in southwestern Indiana, was stopped when security workers at the Louisville airport found a Glock 9 mm (searchsemiautomatic handgun in his briefcase as it passed through an X-ray scanner. Hostettler, who had been about to board a flight for Washington, said he forgot he had placed the gun in the briefcase.

In a written statement, Hostettler said he "would like to apologize to my family, my constituents and the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky for putting them through this ordeal."

In the last two years at least 10 people have been stopped at the Louisville airport with guns in carryon luggage. Court and airport police records show most were fined about $100 and given no jail time.