China Typhoon Kills 22, Injures 1,000

Typhoon Rananim (search) slammed into China's southeastern coast late Thursday, killing 22 people and injuring more than 1,000, official media reported.

The typhoon roared ashore south of Shanghai after killing one person in Taiwan.

By 9 p.m., 22 people in coastal Zhejiang province were reported dead and more than 1,000 injured — 100 of them seriously, according to the Web site of the main Communist Party newspaper, People's Daily.

The report didn't give any details of where or how the deaths occurred.

Earlier Thursday, 300,000 people reportedly were evacuated from low-lying coastal areas as the typhoon churned toward the Chinese mainland. Officials warned of flooding, landslides and house collapses from the typhoon.

The storm hit the coastal city of Wenling at 8 p.m., the official Xinhua News Agency reported. The area is about 90 miles south of China's commercial hub of Shanghai, where strong winds blew all day Thursday.

Rananim was traveling northeast, with sustained winds of 88 mph and gusts of nearly 110 mph. High winds and torrential rains were expected as far as 150 miles away in the provinces of Fujian to the south and Anhui to the northwest, Xinhua said.

The storm's fringe brushed over Taiwan's northeastern tip earlier Thursday, killing a road worker, uprooting trees and flooding streets.

While authorities warned of damage to homes and reservoirs, the storm also is expected to help relieve a drought and heat wave affecting much of eastern China.

Rananim means "hello" in the Chuukese language spoken in Micronesia.