Cabbage Patch Kids Make a Comeback

Signs of the early 1980s are everywhere: Some are welcome (designer jeans with high heels), some are not (leg warmers).

Is the time right to bring back another phenomenon, the Cabbage Patch Kid (search)?

"We are in a unique period where the kids of 20 years ago are the parents of today. These parents are finding out what they loved as a kid is coming back, and they are now able to share that special experience with their children," says Jay Foreman, president of Play Along Inc., which is distributing the dolls.

These "adoptable" dolls, each with its own look and personality and a desire to find a nurturing home, first caught the public's eye in 1981, and parents were soon buying and selling them for a profit. In 1983, the first year they were marketed by a large toy manufacturer, Coleco, 3 million Cabbage Patch Kids were sold, and parents were known to line up at toy stores at the crack of dawn with their fingers crossed as new shipments arrived.

Xavier Roberts (search), Cabbage Patch Kids creator, says he's pleased to offer the dolls to a new generation.

"Cabbage Patch Kids are designed to celebrate individuality and diversity. People of all ages and backgrounds recognize and appreciate the differences they see in each of our Cabbage Patch Kids," Roberts says.

Foreman says that the baby-faced dolls will provide a good alternative to today's children who mostly play with electronic pets and computer mice.

"The basic essence of what the Cabbage Patch Kids captured 20 years ago is now more relevant than ever, as adopting and caring for a 'Kid' of their own is so basic, yet fresh, in a world where extreme video games have become the norm," Foreman says.