Brokaw's Alleged E-Stalker Arraigned

A Staten Island man who allegedly bombarded NBC with e-mails threatening Tom Brokaw (search) was arraigned on 56 counts Wednesday, including felony child pornography.

Steven Koplan, 45, was described as a delusional shut-in who went on his e-mail blitz while off his medication.

Investigators looking into child porn allegedly found 500 images of undressed children on Koplan's computer — along with about 3,500 e-mails sent to the MSNBC e-mail address during a two-month period last fall.

"Brokaw has to worry now whether or not he can go out for a [expletive] cup of coffee and make it back to his office alive!!!" read one sent on Nov. 21.

Another about Brokaw threatened to "break his [expletive] head into the [expletive] wall."

One e-mail of Nov. 20 said "there is a chance" Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search) "might be killed now."

NBC refused comment on behalf of Brokaw.

Koplan appeared disheveled when he appeared in State Island State Supreme Court yesterday.

But he answered "not guilty" in a clear voice to 54 felony child-porn charges and two misdemeanor counts of aggravated harassment, all concerning the e-mails.

Prosecutor David Frey said Koplan confessed and was "happy to get the attention."

Justice Stephen Rooney set bail at $25,000 and ordered Koplan to return to court Sept. 14.