It's Not Easy Being Greenie

Some people are making some noises about Teresa Heinz Kerry's (search) charitable giving.

As you may have heard, she is a billionaire. She has lots of extra cash to throw around and as she has told us, she has something to say — so she's going to say it by giving money to groups she is sympathetic with.

I hear people mumbling that if she ends up as first lady she will have a conflict of interest.

Let's get real folks, if she winds up as first lady her causes are going to be front and center in the White House, conflict of interest or not.

She may put her charitable giving in a blind trust, or whatever, but nothing's going to change on what she believes in and if she believes the Sierra Club (search) and the Wilderness Society are right — that there should not be oil exploration of ANWR (search) — then she's going to support that point of view, period.

Look, it's not the money that's important, because she's going to give her money in any case. It's the hypocrisy of the basic cause, that's the problem.

The Sierra Club and the Wilderness Society, and others, oppose exploring for oil in the U.S. despite the fact it doesn’t take a single soldier to defend or protect the oil. Nobody dies making sure we don't freeze in the winter.

But more than that, oil production is a trade off. If you don't take oil from Alaska, you take more from Azerbaijan and the Congo and other fifth world places.

Now ask your local greenie the next time you're having that debate: How are those environmental regulations in Azerbaijan? Or in the Congo? Wouldn't it be better — from a greenie point of view — to take oil from a place where environmental considerations are well regulated and enforced, like here in the United States?

Oh sure, save Alaska from whatever. But lakes of oil pollute other places in the world because the Sierra Club has no pull there.

That's a great trade off.

That's My Word.

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