Trump: New King of Bling?

Move over, P. Diddy (search): There's a new King of Bling in town. The news that Donald Trump (search) is turning his attention to fashion has the industry buzzing, and insiders predicting The Donald will bring his trademark flashy, brashy style to this latest venture.

And hot on the heels of the success of his TV show, "The Apprentice," (search) no one's betting against his ability to become the new couturier for the corporate culture.

The Donald Trump Collection, which will feature a selection of spiffy $575 suits, shirts and ties for men, is expected to hit stores later this fall, says Sheldon Brody, the owner of Marcraft Apparel, which is licensing the corporate-style clothing for men.

"Donald is a dresser," says Brody. "He always wears a tie and a jacket - even when he's in Mar-a-Lago. He believes that a leader should always be dressed the part. And he's a pretty strong endorsement for that."

Brody, who admits he'd been hankering to seal a deal with Trump for nearly four years, told The New York Post he got his break a few months back when Donald told him that supermarket buyers were inquiring about stocking the bottled water (Trump Ice) he was making for his casinos.

"I said, 'Donald, I think if you can sell water, you can sell suits," says Brody.

The Donald finally agreed - and now there's even talk about a line of women's clothing in the future. (A little part-time work for Melania, perhaps?)

Simon Doonan (search), creative director of Barneys New York, is confident the Donald Trump Collection will be a sure-fire hit.

"Donald's style has helped him ascend to iconic status, which is why it's so perfect for him to produce his own line of clothing right now," says Doonan, who describes Trump's giddily flamboyant sense of personal style as "Randolph Hearst meets Liberace."

"A large segment of our society is completely focused on the kind of capitalism and materialism he represents, but what's so fantastic about Donald is that he's totally unpretentious in his approach," says Doonan, who shares Trump's abiding distaste for casual Friday attire.

"Donald is an overachiever - but he's honest about it. It's a refreshing attitude and one that is very much what we all want right now."

John Korpics, design director at Esquire which tagged Donald as "The King of Bling" on its current cover, says Trump's got the ego to earn the title.

"He's the kind of guy who never says the word maybe," says Korpics. "He walks into a room, and it's like 'Bing, bing, bing ... let's go.'"

Korpics says Donald completely got into the swing of bling for the magazine's cover shoot.

"He loved the nameplate necklaces we had gotten for him to wear so much that he took them all home with him," Korpics reports.

"He also seemed to enjoy making funny lip motions and dancing in place during the shoot. The only thing he wouldn't let us do was touch the hair."

Though Donald loses points for that comb-over, his clothing line will boost his profile within the fashion world - positioning him as a formidable contender for P. Diddy's style throne.

"Donald was the original King of Bling, so it's a natural that people are talking about him this way," says Erica Kennedy, author of "Bling," a satirical novel that delves into the world of hip-hop glitterati.

"It's funny that Donald is taking the title away from the likes of Puffy, Russell Simmons and Jay-Z, because when they were starting out they all wanted to be Donald," says Kennedy.

"He was their role model. They all wanted to live that large flashy life he lived. It's as if everything is coming full circle."