Clear Eye for the Cameraguy

Dear Friends of “FOX & Friends,”

Guilty. OK, OK, we've fallen a bit behind in our blog-a-paloosa and I wish we had a better excuse.

I could say that I've been busy volunteering at a soup kitchen. Or that Brian was injured in an unfortunate "thong" incident. (Like Sandy Berger (search) who stuffed documents in his socks... Brian..oh never mind)

What's happening is... we're cuddling.

Did you see that story we reported this morning? (Check out the story after my so-long) Where Chris Ciullo and Brian cuddled? I'll attach the story after this eyewitness account of what I saw.

It started about 6:50 a.m., when I was watching from the newsroom, I saw Brian and Chris cuddling on set. Lemme get this straight. Brian was sitting next to Kiren Chetry and he cuddles with Chris? I know Brian's vision has always been iffy... he had LASIK surgery ON TV a few years ago... maybe it's time for a tune-up.

But what hurts me is… Chris is MY cameraman! Does Brian cuddle with HIS cameraman Ian? No. He cuddles with MY cameraman.

If Brian wants to SWAP cameramen... lets talk.

It's Clear Eye for the Cameraguy.

Tune in Wednesday to see who Brian (our Cuddle Correspondent) makes out with.

Steve Doocy
Fox News

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