Before the Storm

Dear Viewers,

We arrived yesterday, Monday, in Redwood City (searchto begin our coverage of Amber Frey's (search) testimony. As you may know from prior blogs, we have to improvise when we are β€œon the road.”

We create a bureau out of very little β€” and this time is no different. Our bureau is an office (8 feet by 11 feet?) and the set is on the roof. As always we manage, although we are stepping all over each other. By the end of the week, when we are all sleep deprived we will likely get irritable with each other in such close space.

Of course we are here because the state's key witness is to testify. Last night before Gloria went on our show she told me she was mad about a false report that her client would be accompanied by a psychiatrist. I had not seen the report but asked her about it on air so she could clear it up.

Finally β€” I took my camera around the courthouse while it was quiet. That changes today ... it will be very chaotic. Check the pics...


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