Young Love

Heads up night clerks at motels all across the country: Mary Kay Letourneau (search) is out of jail and the boy she seduced when he was a pre-teenager is now 21-years-old and hot to trot.

Vili Fualaau (search), who fathered two kids with Mary Kay, says he is so, so, so excited to see Mary Kay again. The last time they were this excited when she got out of jail on parole they were almost immediately found steaming up the windows of a car on a darkened street impregnating her again.

This is a love that recognizes no chains, no boundaries, no walls and no moats. Don't you feel like singing “Ain't No Mountain High Enough” right about now?

Mary Kay is now 42-years-old. She's got four kids from her first marriage, before she met the 11-year-old Polynesian, Vili — then a third of her age. Now he's only half her age, and what with Tony Randall and other such old man-young girl stories, I guess one could say the torrid love between Mary Kay and Vili is in the acceptable zone.

It's the history that makes you wince.

She was his teacher. He was just into double-digit birthdays when she fell in love. And then he was in love. And then the lust thing kicked in. And they were getting her sent to prison, punishment for blatant age violations on the wild thing.

But now she's out. She hasn't said if she wants to see young Vili. But he's spoken up and he's said, in the immortal words of the late Marvin Gaye, “Let's get it on.”

And Friday morning a judge lifted the order that barred Mary Kaye Letourneau from seeing young Vili. So it seems the judge has finally thrown in the towel too.

After all, if 40-year-old guys can have 21-year-old girlfriends, why can't Mary Kay?


Who cares she started teaching out of the book of love before he had his run in with puberty? Just put it out of your mind... and lock up the young boys.

That's My Word.

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