Topics and Guests for August 5

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Topics and Guests:

• Two leaders of an Albany mosque are accused of being accomplices to terrorism.

Law enforcement officials say the men are being charged with helping someone they thought was a terrorist purchase a shoulder-fired missile (search) — the same type of missiles which have been shot at planes in the past.

We'll have Team FOX coverage of the latest.

We'll also hear from cyberterrorism analyst Morgan Wright. How are terrorists using technology to cook up their plans?

• The first rule of the Kobe Bryant (search) case is... you don't talk about the Kobe Bryant case.

The judge is expanding the gag order. It applies now to police, lawyers, witnesses, Bryant and his accuser.

How does that sit with the First Amendment (search) right to free speech?

We'll ask criminal defense attorney Mickey Sherman.

All of this... and more on Studio B With Shepard Smith at 3 p.m. ET.

Note: Topics subject to change