The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

Jamie Foxx is a memorable 'Taxi Driver' in 'Collateral,' Holly Hunter slums in 'Little Black Book' and 'Open Water' drains the competition this weekend in today's Foxlight.

"The most memorable taxi driver since De Niro," says Gene Shalit of the "Today" show of Jamie Foxx's turn in "Collateral." (search) That's big praise. And in every interview Tom Cruise gives -- he's the other guy in the movie -- even he hints this is really Jamie's movie. Cruise is the hitman who needs an all-night lift from the initially unsuspecting Foxx. All this looks terrific, according to most critics. L.A. hasn't looked darker -- or cooler -- since director Michael Mann's other L.A. caper film, "Heat."

Next Brittany Murphy is trying to carry off a leading role with nothing more than that big grin and a "Little Black Book." (search) Holly Hunter is completely slumming here as the friend who works with Murphy on a Sally Jesse trash show hosted by another way-too-good-for-the-room actress --Kathy Bates. It feels awfully sitcomy and then suddenly turns dark. USA Today gives it two stars and calls it a "textbook chick flick."

The New York Post says "Open Water" (search) wrings every possible drop of tension out of a simple premise and a micro budget. It puts many an effects-laden studio thriller to shame with a tense film about two married scuba divers left behind by a tour boat in shark-infested waters. One critic says be sure to stay through the credits and don't let anyone tell you how it ends. Others who call it "Jaws" meets "Blair Witch" are giving you a fish tale.