The Foxlight: Tom Cruise, William Hung, 'American Idol'

Tom laughs his rug off, a new batch of "Idol" contestants and William Hung looking for hot guys in today's Foxlight.

By now we're used to Tom Cruise (search) laughing off tough questions. But Letterman had his Tom-ness in near convulsions Wednesday night -- up to a point. Things got uncomfortable when Letterman pressed about why Tom's "Mission Impossible 3" director Joe Carnahan quit.

Cruise also seemed unprepared to answer so many questions about mountain climbing, and about admitting he wears a wig in the film "Collateral." (search) Maybe he needed the wig because -- could it be -- Tom Cruise has a bald spot? Don't lean so far forward during those chucklefests, Tom.

Move over William Hung (search) -- please. He's gonna get some competition, according to one "American Idol" (search) producer, who says for the fourth "Idol" tryouts they've found voices so bad they qualify as weapons of mass destruction. And they're just getting started. Fifteen thousand wannabes lined up in Cleveland the other day.

And what about Hung? Well, he probably doesn't need to call Destiny's Child. They're looking for a few hot men. They're auditioning for what they describe as "25 hot male dancers" to help them promote their new album on tour, in TV appearances and in music videos. The group is looking for dancers of all races and all types from any part of the country. Auditions are all over the country and details are at