'Live Strong' Trend Sweeps Nation

The Kabbalah red string that celebs like Madonna and Britney tied around their wrists is so spring 2004.

The accessory du jour is a banana yellow wristband emblazoned with "Live Strong" that everyone from John Kerry (search) and George W. Bush (search) to Matt Damon (search) and Bono is sporting.

Resembling a thick rubber-band, the wristband is produced by the Lance Armstrong Foundation (search), the cycling superstar's cancer-fighting organization, and has become trendy among regular folks as well as celebs and politicians.

Stephanie Eiseman of New York City bought a 10-pack of the bracelets after seeing a co-worker wearing one and learning that his wife was in remission for cancer. Eiseman said she wanted to support cancer research and liked the bracelet idea.

"I thought it was a less cheesy version of the pink ribbon," she said, referring to the symbol for breast cancer support. "This wristband is a new twist on the ribbon."

It's so simple — yet so successful.

Since the fund-raising effort began in May, the Armstrong charity has sold 7 million of the rubber wristbands for $1 each, with plans for 1.8 million more. Nike donated the first $1 million, and proceeds go toward programs for young people with cancer.

Sales easily surpassed the $6 million the foundation initially hoped to raise. The wristbands, currently on back-order, can be purchased at http://www.wearyellow.com.

"They just kind of exploded," said Eiseman, who bought her bands a few months ago. "Now I don't wear mine as often, it's become a little too much. I liked it when not every single person was wearing them."

Foundation spokeswoman Michelle Milford said in addition to Damon and Bono, other stars who have been sighted wearing the bands include Alec Baldwin, Bruce Willis (search), Robin Williams and Ben Stiller.

"It's been an overwhelming experience," foundation President Mitch Stoller said Friday. "I think everybody, from average Americans to celebrities, are getting the message of courage and hope."

Armstrong, who is dating the singer Sheryl Crow and recently won his sixth consecutive Tour de France (search), overcame advanced testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain. He has linked himself to the traditional yellow jersey worn by the Tour leader and champion.

Kerry, the Democratic nominee for president, wore his wristband while campaigning last week and at the Democratic National Convention. He had a cancerous prostate removed in February 2003. His father, Richard, died of complications from the disease in 2000.

White House spokesman Taylor Gross said Bush also has a wristband and supports the Armstrong foundation.

Milford said the group appreciates the candidates' support but will avoid any political debate. "The way we fight cancer is a bipartisan issue," she said. "We want support from everybody."

Fox News' Amy Sims and The Associated Press contributed to this report.