The Foxlight: 'Catwoman,' Celeb Poker, Pam and Kid

Rainy days for "Catwoman," celebrity poker and Pam and Kid on again in today's Foxlight.

The stars of "Catwoman" (search) were met in London by cheering fans and the clash of thunder and flash of lightening as a summer storm hit the city. Uh, that was probably God's way of trying to warn the English about the movie. AP says Neither Halle Berry nor Sharon Stone, in town for the film's British premiere, were "put off by Mother Nature's own show." No, the put-off part awaited patrons inside the theater.

Apparently Spider-Man can also spin chips and bluff evil adversaries. Well, up to a point. Tobey Maguire (search) finished in the top five percent at a recent Poker tournament. He won around $16,000. And who won just over $250,000 and came in third? Ben Affleck? Nope. Matt Damon? Not sure they were even there. No, another card shark who's probably had a lot of time to practice, since we don't see him on the tube anymore. Welcome back to the limelight, Gabe Kaplan (search). Yep, star of "Welcome Back, Kotter."

Pam Anderson (search) back with a former flame? True, according to the New York Post. They say after signing copies of her new book, she hooked up with Kid Rock (search) for some late-night serenading in a hotel lobby bar. This odd on-again, off-again relationship could get it on again for a while. Stay tuned. Biggest surprise of the whole affair? That she actually wrote a book? No, although there is that -- it's Kid Rock. In person he's affable, funny and an all-around cool guy.