Guests and Topics: Aug. 2

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President Bush announces his support for the recommendations from the Sept. 11 commission (search). How long will these take to implement? Will we be safer? We find out from Frances Townsend, the president's homeland security adviser.

Key financial institutions in New York, Washington and Newark, N.J., are under heavy security, after federal officials issue a warning that the buildings could be targets of an Al Qaeda terror attack. Is this enough? We ask Bernard Kerik, former New York City Police commissioner.

No bounce for John Kerry? New poll shows the Democratic Convention made no difference for the Massachusetts senator. What happened?

We have the latest developments in the Lori Hacking (search) and Laci Peterson (search) cases with Lis Wiehl, FOX News legal analyst, and defense attorney Jeralyn Merritt.

Finally, Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert gives us a peek into his new book, "Speaker: Lessons from Forty Years in Coaching and Politics."

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