Topics and Guests for July 30

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Topics and Guests:

• The Senate holds its first hearing on the 9/11 Commission's (search) recommendations. We’ll get the latest from FOX News’ Mike Emanuel live from Capitol Hill.

Why does Kobe Bryant's (search) defense team want crime victim compensation records admitted as evidence? We’ll get details from FOX News’ Alicia Acuna and reaction to the request from Wendy Murphy, former prosecutor, and Paul Martin, criminal defense attorney.

Following the Democratic National Convention, the Kerry-Edwards ticket hits the road again. We’ll get an update from FOX News’ Molly Henneberg in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Plus, President Bush ends his self-imposed exile in Crawford, Texas with three campaign stops in three states. FOX News’ James Rosen spells out the president’s agenda.

And, several states ban drivers from talking on hand held cell phones because it’s said to be distracting. But is driving distracted a felony? We’ll ask Mantill Williams, national director of public affairs for AAA, and FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

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Note: Topics subject to change