Fast Facts: Hostages in Iraq

Insurgents in Iraq have kidnapped nearly 70 people in their campaign to drive out coalition forces and hamper reconstruction:


— Raja Azad, 49, engineer; Sajad Naeem, 29, driver, both Pakistani, working for Kuwaiti-based firm. Kidnapping announced Monday. Militants said captives sentenced to death because Pakistan considering sending troops to Iraq. Also threatened to kill more employees if company does not cease business in Iraq.

— Fayez Saad al-Udwan and Ahmed Salama Hassan, of Jordan. Truck drivers, kidnapped Monday. Militants threatened to kill them in 72 hours, demanding their Jordanian company stop working with U.S. military.

— Raad Adnan of Iraq. General director of government-owned Al-Mansour Contracting Co., kidnapped July 24. Construction engineer, former Baath party member who helped build some of Saddam Hussein's presidential palaces. Kidnappers' demands not known.

— Mohammed Mamdouh Helmi Qutb of Egypt. Diplomat, abducted Friday. Militants said they abducted Qutb because Egypt said it would send security experts to Iraq. Freed Monday.

— Ibrahim Khamis, Salm Faiz Khamis and Jalal Awadh, of Kenya; Antaryami, Tilak Raj and Sukdev Singh, of India; Mohammed Ali Sanad, of Egypt. Truck drivers abducted July 21. Militants threatened to behead them if Kuwaiti employer keeps doing business in Iraq and their countries do not withdraw citizens. New demand Friday insists trucking company pay compensation for those killed by U.S. forces in Fallujah.

— Rifat Mohammed Rifat of Canada. Prison worker, abducted April 8.

— Aban Elias, 41, Iraqi-American. Held since May 3 by group calling itself "The Islamic Rage Brigade."

— Ivaylo Kepov of Bulgaria. Truck driver, abducted July 9, possibly killed. Beheaded body found in Tigris River still not identified.


— Georgi Lazov, 30, of Bulgaria. Truck driver, abducted July 9. His headless body found July 14 in Tigris.

— U.S. Army Spc. Keith M. Maupin, 20, of Batavia, Ohio. Reported killed June 29 by Arab television. U.S. military could not confirm that man shown being shot in videotape was Maupin.

— Kim Sun-il, 33, South Korea. Translator, beheaded June 22 by Al Qaeda-linked group.

— Hussein Ali Alyan, 26, Shiite Muslim from southern Lebanon. Construction worker, found shot to death June 12.

— Fabrizio Quattrocchi, 35, Italian. Security guard, killed April 14 after being kidnapped with three compatriots April 12. Previously unknown group, the "Green Battalion," claimed responsibility.

— Nicholas Berg, 26, American. Businessman, beheaded by Al Qaeda-linked group after being kidnapped in April.


— Thomas Hamill, 44, American. Truck driver, escaped his captors May 2 after being wounded in the April 9 ambush.

— Radoslaw Kadri, Polish. Businessman, escaped by kicking in car window and jumping out near U.S. troops after abduction June 1.


— Thirteen Turks, five Japanese, three Czechs, three Italians, two Lebanese, two Russians, an Egyptian, a Pakistani, a Frenchman, a Chinese citizen, a Pole, a Syrian-Canadian, and an Arab Christian from East Jerusalem. Most recently: a Filipino truck driver freed after the Philippines met militant demands and withdrew its troops early.


— William Bradley and Timothy Bell. American contract truckers last seen April 9 after attack on their convoy.

— Wael Mamduh, of Jordan. Missing since April 12.


— Marine Clp. Wassef Ali Hassoun. Failed to report for duty in Iraq June 20. Videotaped images surfaced showing him apparently kidnapped; he emerged unharmed in Lebanon on July 8 and was brought back to the United States. Hassoun denied he was ever a deserter; Marine officials said it may be weeks or months before Hassoun returns to active duty.