Topics and Guests: July 22

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• Lori Kay Hacking (search), 27, left her Salt Lake City, Utah home around daybreak Monday to run in the Memory Grove Park and City Creek Canyon area, and vanished without a trace. We'll get an update on the search from Detective Dwayne Baird.

Was Hacking's husband living a lie? Was anything bothering the pregnant young woman at the time of her disappearance? We'll get details from some of her close friends.

• Could a thieving prostitute help Scott Peterson's (search) defense? We'll have the latest shocking details from the trial in Redwood City, California and expert insight and analysis from our panel of legal eagles.

• And the 9/11 commission (search) issues its highly anticipated report, where do we go from here? Are we better prepared than we were on that ill-fated day? Get the details you can't afford to miss.

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