Safe at Home?

Yes, the 9/11 (search) report is important, but what about the potential for another 9/11?

Thursday's Washington Times column by Audrey Hudson will likely shock you. Hopefully, it will catch the eye of someone who can take action. Reports include numerous Middle Eastern men boarding planes, gathering in aisles, taking turns in the bathroom, swapping a McDonalds bag as they pass in and out... enough to make one woman on the flight begin crying in fear. What happened? Nothing. Flight attendants said nothing. Apparently, air marshals inspected the bathrooms and watched but since the men did nothing wrong they couldn't take any action. The men were musicians who had one-way tickets to a concert. This is just ONE of MANY reports Hudson details. She'll have another report tomorrow and we are efforting to have her on our show.

Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma had some encouraging news. He was in Iraq recently (he visits often) and believes that the Iraqi Army may be able to follow the Afghan model. If so, he thinks U.S. troops could start coming home within a couple of months.

A quick clarification of Wednesday's blog. You may have been under the impression there was a fight of some sort. You may even want to believe that. There was not. Former Gov. Cuomo chose to use the segment in which he was supposed to discuss his book to discuss other things while attempting to deny he was doing just that. Convoluted, I know. Afterwards, I simply said to him that I felt he was unfair and behaved in a duplicitous manner. He said he took that as an insult. I said nothing more. He said nothing more. He later called and offered an apology. That's it. Sorry, no fireworks.

You never know though... we could have a fistfight with someone tomorrow!! So WATCH! The baby cut his first two teeth so life is much quieter the past two nights!


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