July 21, 2004

The Poster Doesn’t Lie

Whoopi Goldberg appeared on a Slim-Fast ad that proclaimed: “I’m a Big Loser.” That bit of promotion turned into prophecy when the Slim-Fast folks handed a pink slip to the slimmed-down bawdy comedienne.

She got cashiered for her juvenile, raunchy performance at Radio City Music Hall some time back – the one where she barked out predictable naughty-body-parts jokes about the president’s last name and the vice president’s first.

A few people have bemoaned what they consider a vicious assault on Whoopi’s First-Amendment rights, which is silly. Whoopi has no Constitutional right to peddle digestively adventurous weight-loss products. She has a Constitutional right to speak. She did, and Slim-Fast indulged its First Amendment right to fire her.

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