July 19, 2004

Let’s Copy the Brits

The Brits have a wonderful way of dealing with leaders who lie. They fire them. If Parliament had proved that Tony Blair lied to make his case for war against Saddam, the prime minister would have been forced to resign. If a Member of Parliament had accused the prime minister wrongly of lying, that member would have to apologize or resign.

An enterprising listener has suggested that we find ways of transporting these habits to America’s shores and find some way to fire politicians who lie. I love this idea, and suggest that we find some way to assemble impartial juries (comprised of people who are not political activists, but do have at least a shred of common sense) to determine whether the lawmakers in question actually had told an untruth.

This is the seed of a great idea, which I promise to develop further. Feel free to send suggestions on how to hold lying scoundrels to account.

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