The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"I, Robot" and "A Cinderella Story" battle Spidey at the box office in today's Foxlight.

Where there's a Will, is there a way to number one? USA Today says it's "Hard to warm up to tepid 'I, Robot.'" (search) They give it two stars and say a better title would be "Bots Gone Wild." Or "I, Robot, Solemnly Swear to Run Amok and Get Will Smith All Riled Up."

Smith says even his own kids are tired of him saving the world over and over again. "It must be July," they crack. They're funnier than he is. And the audience isn't gasping at just the robots. Will Smith's naked shower scene is getting a huge reaction. The not-so-fresh prince says he wanted to match the reaction Brad Pitt's nude scene got in "Troy." He jokes that his only concern has been that both women and men are ogling his body.

Hilary Duff finds it harder to make you laugh than cry. Even though she says she's had "kind of like a perfect life" and has no bad times to draw on, Duff didn't have any trouble filming the emotional scenes in "A Cinderella Life." (search) Well, she has a few bad reviews to draw on now. The New York Post gives it a star and a half and terms it "Dim-derella." They say it's not as vile as "Sleepover," nor as tangy as "Mean Girls," but the latest excuse for Duff to play dress-up lolls insipidly in true "tween" territory. Needs fairy dust.

The real question this weekend is whether or not "Spider-Man 2" (search) can continue to rule at No. 1. says it'll spin around $25 million. "Cinderella" will make under $10 million and Will Smith will be I, Carumba with $45 million.