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Was British pre-war intelligence (search) on Iraq flawed? After conducting a high-level inquiry former top civil servant Lord Butler (search) has released a damning report on British intelligence regarding Iraq's weapons before the war. How reliable are the findings in this report? How will this affect diplomatic relations with the Arab world? We'll get expert insight and analysis when former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger goes on the record.

Less than 2 weeks until Boston turns into the hub of the Democratic National Committee (search) and their fight to take back the White House. Which prominent Dems will be taking center stage to rally the Party's cause — and, who did not get an invite to speak at this year's convention? Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham and Susan Estrich, former Michael Dukakis campaign manager, weigh in.

Of course, we'll have all the latest shocking details from the Peterson (search) double murder trial in Redwood City, California, and expert assessment and analysis from our legal panel.

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