Topics and Guests for July 15

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Thursday, July 15:

The vice president says it's nothing more than the usual Washington gossip, but there are rumors that President Bush could drop Dick Cheney from the 2004 ticket
Tony Blankley, Washington Times editorial page editor
Doug Schoen, former Clinton pollster and author of the book "On the Campaign Trail"

The judge in the Kobe Bryant sex assault case barred certain evidence from being shown to jurors. Will there be more? And how will that affect the case?
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Should President Bush mend fences with the NAACP?
John McWhorter, Manhattan Institute senior fellow
Michael Brown, Democratic strategist

Iraq's government vows to "annihilate" terrorists within its borders
• Retired Army Col. Bob Killebrew

A Marine who disappeared in Iraq and turned up in Lebanon three weeks later is back in the states
Greg Noone, former Navy judge advocate general

Are celebrities becoming too involved in politics?
James Hirsen, author of "Tales From the Left Coast"

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