Topics and Guests: July 12

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After a four-day weekend Scott Peterson's (search) double-murder trial resumes in Redwood City, California — Of course, we'll have all the latest details and expert answers to your questions.

Should we expect Peterson's former lover Amber Frey (search) to take the stand this week? We'll ask her attorney Gloria Allred.

Plus, our panel of legal experts will weigh in with their analysis of the day's developments.

Maryann Neabor (search), 53, is being charged with murder for the poisoning of Jonathan Neabor — Why would an emergency medical technician spike her brother-in-law's smoothie with antifreeze? We'll get answers from her husband Michael Neabor, and her son Michael Jr.

Plus, we'll get all the details about the situation from New York Post reporter Gersh Kuntzman.

And, political candidates are not the only ones with big plans for election season. Should you be concerned about evil masterminds who want to disrupt the democratic voting process in the Homeland? Bill Gertz, FNC contributor and Washington Times reporter, joins us with insight.

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