Topics and Guests: July 8

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Ron Frey says he doesn't want to answer questions from defense attorney Mark Geragos (search) when he takes the stand in the Peterson double murder trial. Does he have proof that the attorney for Scott Peterson (search), his daughter's former love interest, is "an apparent liar." Find out when he goes on the record.

Also, Juror No. 5 fresh off the Peterson case is talking up a storm, what does he have to say and how will it affect the trial? Peterson dismissed juror No. 5 Justin Falconer sounds off.

Of course we'll have the latest details from the Peterson trial and expert analysis and assessment from our legal panel.

Plus, how will Sen. John Edwards (search), Kerry's pick for No. 2, shake up the race for the White House? Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and presidential candidate Ralph Nader, author of "The Good Fight," weigh in.

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