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Dear Viewers, 

In answer to the many e-mails, Ted Williams and Geoffrey Feiger are on vacation. Feiger will be back tonight and Ted will be back soon and no, I don't know where they went — although Bernie mentioned something to me last night during a break about Ted being on some island. From your e-mails, it is clear Ted's and Geoffrey's return will make some viewers very happy and some very unhappy. As you might imagine, we can't keep all the viewers happy all the time — but we try.

Some of you have written wondering how we select our panels each night. Other than experience, we have no set formula other than "availability." Which lawyer is available? And, equally important, is the studio available in the city where that lawyer is? We are also practical — if we have two lawyers available but one is in a Fox bureau city, we use that lawyer. If a lawyer is in a non-Fox bureau city, we have to pay to rent a studio and a crew (which is camera, audio, lighting etc.)

For some reason, and I hope you have not noticed this, we have had horrible audio problems the last few nights. Two nights ago when we taped our on camera responses to your e-mails (the video we put on this Website), we had to do it twice since the first time there was no audio on the tape.

Last night I was not given a cue to start a segment in the show because my stage manager lost his audio and never got a cue from the director in N.Y. that we were starting. I figured out that it was time to start the segment since I could hear the show theme music. If I had lost audio, too, you might have simply seen me stare into the camera like a deer in headlights.

This is not my ideal scene. I am told that "things happen in 3's" and we have now had three nights in a row with these audio problems. I hope the problems have been worked out. You can be sure that we are trying to correct whatever it is that is haunting our audio system.

I wish I could bring you into the green room at Fox and let you hear some of the off camera discussions with Fox guests. Last night I spent a few minutes talking to Senator Ben Nelson (searchof Nebraska and somehow we drifted off into the area of how people treat U.S. senators. Once you become a U.S. senator, people begin to treat you differently and it is not always comfortable.  He told me how he wants his friends to still call him "Ben" rather than "Senator." Whether you agree with Senator Nelson's politics or not, you would like him. He is a very approachable guy.

Finally, the e-mails continue to pour in about the Scott Peterson double murder trial. Bernie and I stayed late and answered some of them on camera. Click on the text in the "video" box at the top of this blog for our video streamed answers.


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