Topics and Guests for July 7

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Wednesday, July 7:

Can John Edwards help Democrats pick up Senate seats?
• Sen. George Allen, R-Va.
• Sen. Jon Corzine, D-N.J.

Is the Kerry-Edwards ticket too liberal for moderate voters?
Geraldine Ferraro, former vice presidential candidate

Is Edwards ready to go head-to-head with Dick Cheney?
David Frum, former Bush speechwriter
Susan Turnbull, DNC deputy chair

A group of Dallas police officers say they're being punished for not being multi-cultural enough
• Sgt. Malik Aziz of the Texas Peace Officers Association

Is martial law the only way to ensure democracy in Iraq?
Thomas Mahnken, expert in strategic and international studies

Prosecutors in the Scott Peterson murder trial seem to be changing strategy
Mercedes Colwin, criminal defense lawyer
Bob Massi, FNC legal analyst

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Topics and guests subject to change.