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July 5, 2004 
Amman, Jordan

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I'm out of jail. I'd like to enclose three notes people wrote to the website:

1. Every time I read your column, your writing is so melancholy. War is hell. Try to find the positive points and focus on those. Don't let the death and sentiment eat you up. Good luck to you and safe return. — B.T. (Hockley, Tx.)

2. Steve, As I read the story you put out about the poor innocent man that got on the bus and was killed, I got chills and thought about his mother. In a way, I have a feeling she had packed the toothpaste/toothbrush for him to take, just in case he found a job.
Blessings to you Steve — Fran (Round Rock, Tx)

3. I've read your accounts of being in Iraq on the FOX site and they are good reading. Much of it is sad. I wonder about people, like you, who do not have to be there, going there, and what motivated your going. When you experience bits of goodness, kindness, I'd like to read about them. I'll keep you in my prayers. — Angela

I'd like to thank you for reading and for taking the time to write in. I've given some thought to what you've said.

On Friday morning, terrorists set up a missile launcher on a bus and fired rockets at the Sheraton Hotel, where I lived. Only three out of about 30 went off. One hit our hotel. The others hit the Baghdad Hotel. No one was injured in our hotel; three people were injured in the Baghdad hotel.

It was the seventh time our hotel was hit. I've been there for three of those hits.

The last time, the terrorists used a donkey cart to fire at our hotel. The first rocket burned the donkey's ass. He took off, and the rest fired wildly. This time, the bus was not strong enough to support the rocket launcher, so it collapsed in flames. So while they have made progress since the donkey attempt, they still have a ways to go.

The thing is, they were able to set up in downtown Baghdad right next to the circle where the Saddam statue came down, and fired at our hotel in broad daylight — at 7.30 am. People say the hotel shook when it was hit, but I slept through it. I keep my iPod® on, with Altec Lansing speakers next to the bed. Sometimes when I hear what seems to be an explosion, I press pause and wait to see if we've been hit. Then I press pause again to let the music play.

I lived in a hotel where people drive up and try to kill you. Now I'm out, but other people are there.

I'm out now, and believe me, I'm looking for something positive. I'm looking hard.

Thanks for reading.

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I've read your email accounts from Iraq. I'm glad you're getting out of there for a while; I was starting to worry about you. I really enjoyed the donkey cart story! I always read your blog to my cubemates each day.

Keep safe and keep reporting.


I remember  reading about the rocket attack on the Baghdad Hotel being launched from a cart of some sort,  but  your  "Out and About" piece was the first I heard about the donkeys' ass getting scorched!  I almost fell out my chair laughing and everybody at work LOVED it!  The most common question was whether anybody got any kind of picture of this.

Thank you for your support of our troops, and your bravery and honesty!  FNC RULES!!
Mike — Mesa, AZ

I've been watching and looking forward to your reports since I first noticed you reporting live from Afghanistan - under fire, with that low light and a green face.
I admire you for going where the story is and sharing the truth and the facts with us back home. I'm not interested in agendas, I just want to know what is actually going on.
I know you are taking risks to do so, and I want to acknowledge that. Thank you.
AJ (Virginia)


If you're in New York, "Fox & Friends" could use your help with their  blogs. I know they are new to writing them, but they do not have your talent.

Peace be with you,



I look forward to your reports and want to thank and congratulate you on the fine job you are doing by reporting the news without all the fuzz.

Mr. Harrigan,

I have looked all over the Fox News site for a way to comment to the powers that be regarding your show last Saturday night. Never did find the appropriate place. I wanted to tell your boss that the show was excellent. I also like the idea that Fox News Channel gives their "on the road" reporters chances to shine the way you did. Congratulations! Hope there is a way for you to pass this email along.

Whittier, NC

 Hi Steve,

Your special on Iraq Saturday evening was great. The viewers need to see more specials like this, especially interviews with Iraqis and how they are getting along day to day, what they think of their new government, etc. Your work is great, keep it up!!


You are doing a very fine job, and I see in your eyes the wear and tear.  What you are doing is bringing to the people back here a perspective that is unique and goes beyond normal reporting. You also are a brave and courageous individual doing what you do and getting into the fray as much as you do. Thanks for being there and giving us a true picture.

Just do yourself a favor in all this; report as you have always, with your heart and soul, but also learn to let it go. God bless and keep you safe.  For all you have done and are doing for the sake of truth, I salute you.  Godspeed.

An old Navy fart —
Jerry (Alaska)

I so appreciate your dedication to the martial arts. As a soldier during the first Gulf War I also turned to the arts to find peace of mind. I am writing today to HIGHLY suggest turning from the very basic premises of Tae Kwon Do to Tung Soo Do. This Korean martial art is much more refined. It is much more sophisticated. Please seriously consider this. Thanks for your great writing and dedication! — Bill (Middletown, CT)

Steve, I watched your special last night. It was great - I would like to see more of that. There are some very brave soldiers out there.  You are also very brave Steve.  Keep your head down and continue your great work.  Thank you — Patti (California)


Watched your special tonight, and remembered when you were with those Marines when they took you along. Your special was great. Keep up the good reporting. I see on the FOX headlines that Allawi is condsidering giving amnesty to the guerrillas. Do you think this is a good idea, and will it help? — Evelyn (Virginia)

Steve Harrigan currently serves as a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the network in 2001 as a Moscow-based correspondent.