Fair and Balanced?

With all the hoopla over Michael Moore’s film, you may have missed a new documentary that gives a favorable spin to the Arab TV network, Al Jazeera (search).

But Al Jazeera has also been charged with painting terrorists in a favorable light. That position is strengthened in a dispatch from a brave reporter working for the New Yorker magazine.

Nir Rosen just came back from Fallujah, which has been controlled by Islamic extremists since the Marines were pulled back in early May. Mr. Rosen was able to get around without getting killed because he speaks Arabic, his skin is dark and he left his U.S. passport in Baghdad. But even with these protections, he didn’t want to stay long in a town where visitors are regularly burned and beheaded.

He was there long enough, however, to notice that Al Jazeera was welcomed with open arms by the terrorists. A former Iraqi general trying to carve a name for himself in Fallujah is quoted as comparing the Al Jazeera correspondent there to a sports commentator who has taken sides: “He encouraged people to support one team against the other. And he raised the spirits of fighters.”

Al Jazeera — raising the spirits of Fallujah’s beheaders.

And that's The Observer.

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