Topics and Guests for June 30

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Interest rates (search) are no longer at 45-year lows. They're now at 40-year lows. Are the cheap days of borrowing over? We’ll ask Preston Martin, former Federal Reserve vice chairman; Michelle Girard of Greenwich Capital Markets; Rep. Jim Saxton, R-N.J., and Phil Flynn of Alaron Trading.

Plus, forget rate hikes, Alan J. Lacy, chairman, president and CEO of Sears, Roebuck is on the move, buying some 54 K-Mart stores and 7 Wal-Mart stores.

Who are the big winners and losers of Wednesday's hike? We’ll take the market’s temperature with Ted Parrish, co-manager of the Henssler Equity Fund; Bernard Beal, founder and CEO of M.R. Beal and Company, and Wendell Perkins, chief investment strategist of the Johnson Family of Funds.

Could rising interest rates burst the housing market bubble? We’ll ask Richard Dugas, CEO of Pulte Homes.

Plus, from Wall Street to the White House: Could the Fed’s plan for an interest rate hike put a hitch in the presidential campaign? Mike Gallagher, syndicated columnist, and Nancy Skinner, radio talk show host, join the debate.

And, toys late getting on shelves. Clothing stuck on the docks. A sign of things to come as new security measures are put into place in the nation’s ports? We’ll ask Joseph Cox, president and CEO of the Chamber of Shipping of America, and Robin Lanier, policy adviser with the National Retail Federation.

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