The Foxlight: New on DVD

"Cold Mountain," "The Perfect Score" and "Barbershop 2: Back in Business" are new on DVD in today's Foxlight.

I gave it the cold shoulder, but maybe a few viewers will warm to "Cold Mountain" (search) as it comes out on DVD this week. Nicole Kidman kisses Jude Law, so of course they fall in love just before he leaves for the Civil War and first chance he gets he walks back to her through like seven states. Yeah, that could happen. Renee Zellweger mugs so furiously they gave her an Oscar. She sounds like Granny Clampett to me. "I'm gonna kill that chicken. Jethro!"

Next, wanna skip those pesky SAT exams? Steal the answers. That's a great lesson for kids, huh? In "The Perfect Score," (search) "Lost in Translation" star Scarlett Johansson proves even an "it" girl can do something that doesn't quite make it. This one will be lost in the video store.

Finally, they're back and just as bawdy in "Barbershop 2: Back in Business." (search) Expect lots more politically incorrect but generally hilarious stuff from Cedric the Entertainer and Ice Cube, among others. I'm sure there's another one on the way, because this franchise looks unstoppable. Can a bad TV series version be far behind?