Guests and Topics: June 25

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FOX News Political Analyst and former Clinton adviser Dick Morris gives us the inside story on the former president's new book. Has "My Life" been launched this year to push Hillary Clinton's political agenda?! Wait till you hear what Morris has to say about it!

Then, why did Vice President Dick Cheney (search) use the "F-word" with Vermont Democrat Sen. Patrick Leahy (search) during a confrontation on the Senate floor earlier this week, while members were having their annual group picture taken. What's the Vice President saying about that?  

Also, speaking of presidents... President Bush is beginning to edge out presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. John Kerry (search) in a new poll. We'll show you the numbers and we bet you'll be surprised by what the American people have to say, not only about the presidential race but also about the war in Iraq... 

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