Topics and Guests: June 21

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Taking hostages and threatening to behead them appears to be a terrifying new tactic taken by Al Qaeda-linked terrorists both in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The latest hostage is a South Korean man whose life has been threated.

The kidnapping of the hostage comes just days after U.S. ally, South Korea, announced that it would dispatch 3,000 troops to assist in reconstruction efforts in northern Iraq. The move will make South Korea the third-largest coalition partner after the United States and Britain.

On Sunday, the Arab satellite TV network Al-Jazeera aired a videotape purportedly from Al Qaeda (search)-linked militants showing a South Korean hostage begging for his life and pleading with his government to withdraw troops from Iraq.

We'll have the latest from the region, including a LIVE report from our own Geraldo Rivera in Baghdad. 

Plus, we'll talk with Saudi spokesman and adviser to Saudi Crown Prince Abdulla Nail Al Jubier (search) about the situation in the Kingdom and government's efforts to find the body of American engineer Paul Marshall Johnson (search) who was executed by Al Qaeda-linked militants last week. 

Also, we'll have an update on the Scott Peterson (search) double-murder trial as testimony resumes today in Redwood City, California.

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