Topics and Guests for June 14

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On today's edition of "Your World"...

Is there a conflict of interest over campaign fundraising arising in New York between Attorney General Eliot Spitzer (search) and the very industries he's investigating? We’ll ask Charles Gasparino , senior writer for Newsweek.

We’ll take the market’s temperature with Mario Gabelli, chairman of Gabelli Asset Management; Jonas Max Ferris, founder of; retired U.S. Army Gen. Paul Vallely, Fox News military analyst, and Meredith Whitney , Fox Business News contributor.

God, politics and the candidate favored by the devout. Does your attitude toward religion indicate which candidate you will vote for? We’ll get insight from Rev. Lou Sheldon, president of the Traditional Values Coalition, and Tony Campolo, professor of sociology at Eastern University and an executive member of Call to Renewal.

Former first lady Nancy Reagan is pushing to relax restrictions on stem cell (search) research. But will companies get a boost with a new face on this controversial issue? Michael West, president and CEO of Advanced Cell Technology, weighs in.

Plus, Rob Glaser, founder and CEO of RealNetworks, explains how picking out your Friday night movie is about to get a whole lot easier.

And, they’re fierce and feared and they pack a ferocious punch! But can boxing’s big boys bring big money back to the ring? We’ll ask Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko, the Ukrainian brothers who look set to race through the ranks of professional boxing.

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