Topics and Guests: June 10

Tonight... get on the record...

We'll continue our farewell to President Ronald Reagan (search). We'll hear from a Washington insider and we'll also bring you Part II of our interview with former Vice President Dan Quayle (search).

Also, it’s day seven of the Scott Peterson (searchdouble murder trial. We'll tell you about the explosive testimony. And, could the prosecution’s witness list finally reveal a motive for murder? How will the defense respond?

We'll get the latest from KFI Radio's Laura Ingle who is in Redwood City (search), California where the trial is taking place.  

Plus, we'll get analysis of the developments inside the courtroom from our legal panel.

Tonight's guests include:

Jim Hammer, defense attorney and former San Francisco Assistant District Attorney

Gloria Allred,  victims rights attorney; lawyer representing Scott Peterson's former girlfriend Amber Frey

Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor

Jeanine Pirro Westchester County (New York) District Attorney

And later, former Al Gore presidential campaign manager Donna Brazile (search) discusses the current presidential campaign and her new book, "Cooking with Grease."

Finally, our own anchor and managing editor of business news, Neil Cavuto, discusses his new book and the heroes he profiles in "More Than Money."

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--All topics and guests subject to change.

--The Associated Press contributed to this story.