Topics and Guests: June 3

Tonight... get on the record... with Greta LIVE from Redwood City, California!

After today's surprise announcement from President Bush, we'll have latest on the resignation of CIA Director George Tenet.

Then, it’s day three in the Scott Peterson (search) double-murder trial. Now, Scott's defense team has come out swinging... We'll have the latest on the allegations of shoddy police work, including leads that were ignored and botched evidence gathering.

Scott's lead defense attorney Mark Geragos (search) is taking shots at the investigation. Will his comments hit the mark with the jury? We'll have complete coverage of today's proceedings.

We'll get the latest on the courtroom proceedings from FNC's Claudia Cowan and KFI Radio's Laura Ingle.

Plus, we'll get legal analysis from the following attorneys this evening:

• Criminal defense attorney Geoffrey Feiger

• Attorney and former San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Jim Hammer

• Westchester County (New York) District Attorney Jeanine Pirro 

• Criminal defense attorney Yale Galanter

• Criminal defense attorney and former Washington, D.C. homicide detective Ted Williams

• Criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Bernie Grimm

Get the facts, hear the evidence and the truth when Greta covers the Peterson trial LIVE from Redwood City, California!

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