Lost and Found

Dear Viewers,

Wednesday night we did our second live show from Redwood City (search ), California. The show was almost uneventful.

During one segment my New York producer said to me in my earpiece, "Don't tease Gloria Allred coming up, we can't find her."

When we went to break I got more information. We had sent a car for Gloria and, when she had not shown up, the car service was called. The car service claimed Gloria had been dropped off at our building. That seemed odd -- the building is small so you can't get lost and Gloria had been there the night before.

Two producers were literally dispatched to the street. Redwood City is not very big and it was thought they might find her. After much panic, they located a black town car that seemed to be lost. The car was about two blocks away. In the car was Gloria.

The driver had gotten lost and did not know where he was. In the end, a crisis was averted and Gloria slipped into the chair next to me for her interview.

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