Topics and Guests for June 2

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Wednesday, June 2:

Is staying the course in Iraq the best bet for President Bush?
• Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind.
• Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash

The FBI is looking into reports that one-time administration friend Ahmad Chalabi told Iran about the U.S. cracking its top-secret communication codes
Mike Baker, former CIA operative

Is the Patriot Act really necessary for national security?
Dick Thornburgh, former U.S. attorney general

John Kerry voted for the Patriot Act. Now he says it needs fine-tuning
Bruce Reed, former Clinton adviser

Observers inside the courtroom say Mark Geragos is putting on a strong performance defending Scott Peterson
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

How do soldiers adjust to life after Iraq?
• Army Col. Michael Flowers

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Topics and guests subject to change.