Kerry's Faulty Nuclear Strategy

John Kerry (search) is into the meat of his campaign now. He's warning Americans that he has a plan to save us from nuclear terrorism and that President Bush doesn't.

Kerry says he will lock up all sources of nuclear weapons materials to make certain terrorists can't get hold of the stuff.

Remember the stink about yellow cake from Niger and the issue of whether Saddam Hussein (search) was trying to buy a lot of it? Evidently he couldn't, so who can? And Does Kerry think we're going to invade Niger to make sure terrorists can't get nuke bomb material?

Kerry says that for a fraction of what we've already spent in Iraq, we can secure every nuclear weapon and every bit of weapons material worldwide. Is he proposing we literally buy all the nukes on the planet?

I think he is.

He also has an exit strategy for Iraq, which he spelled out for a TV station in Virginia:

"My exit strategy is through international cooperation that the president has never really embraced. He's lost so much credibility for our country that there's just a lot of leaders that say no to him..."

So let me get this right. Kerry is saying France, Germany, Canada and Egypt don't like Bush... so we should fire our president?

Would I be wrong to say Kerry's campaign pitch is "France wouldn't vote for Bush so you shouldn't either?"

Taken as a whole, is his strategy really a winning strategy?

That's My Word.

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