The Foxlight: New on DVD

"Monster," "Spider-Man," "Road Trip" and "Pitch Black" are new on DVD in today's Foxlight.

Charlize Theron gives an Oscar-winning performance in an otherwise overrated film new on DVD this week called "Monster." (search) It's the gruesome true story of a gal gone wrong. She's a prostitute who has an unhappy ending for most of her tricks. The guys aren't all that charming, implying they had it coming. Did I mention there's also a lesbian love story with "way in over her head" Christina Ricci? Charlize is great. Naomi Watts was better in "21 Grams." But Hollywood is always a sucker for the glam kitties who ugly up and Charlize did put on 30 pounds.

Next, just in time to get us ready for the sequel this summer -- surprise -- here's the first "Spider-Man." (search) Tobey McGuire is fine. Kirsten Dunst gets the femme fatale job done. But Willem Dafoe steals every scene he's in as "The Green Goblin." And the whole thing feels a little overblown when it really should -- sorry -- swing.

"Road Trip" (search) was a surprise hit that made a lot of money, so here comes an imported version called "Eurotrip" -- and it's about as welcome as Americans are in France. Critics were wildly divided, so as a rental it might be worth a look, especially since you can fast forward through the boring countries.

Finally, another prequel to a big summer movie -- but this one made so little money, hardly anyone can figure out why they're making another one. It's Vin Diesel's "Pitch Black." (search) And in the dark, I have to confess, his acting is pretty good.